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A large prospective study of meat consumption and colorectal cancer risk: an investigation of potential mechanisms underlying this association.

High intake of red and processed meat may promote the development of colorectal cancer in men and women.

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Associations between red meat intake and biomarkers of inflammation and glucose metabolism in women.

High consumption of red meat is linked to unhealthy inflammation and glucose metabolic profile in women.

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A prospective study on intake of animal products and risk of prostate cancer.

High intake of dairy products, red, and processed meat may increase metastatic cancer risk, but it is not associated with the development of the advanced form of the disease.

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The association of red and processed meat and dietary fibre with colorectal cancer in UK Biobank.

High intake of red and processed meat may increase the risk of developing colorectal cancer, while high dietary fiber consumption is not positively associated with the development of the disease.

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Red meat and processed meat consumption and all-caused mortality: a meta-analysis.

Low intake of red and processed meat may diminish all-cause mortality risk.

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Red meat consumption and mortality: results from two prospective cohort studies.

Eating large quantities of red meat may be associated with elevated total, cancer, and cardiovascular disease (CVD) mortality risk.

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Egg, red meat, and poultry intake and risk of lethal prostate cancer in prostate-specific antigen-era: incidence and survival.

High intake of eggs, poultry, and red meat may increase the spread of cancerous cells in prostate cancer patients and the chances of developing the disease in healthy men.

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Dietary intake of heterocyclic amines, meat-derived mutagenic activity, and risk of colorectal adenomas.

High intake of well-cooked red meat promotes the development of colorectal adenomas.

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Red meat intake, insulin resistance, and markers of endothelial function among Iranian women

High red meat intake may increase serum concentrations of insulin, glucose, and endothelial dysfunction biomarkers.

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