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Callie's Cancer Part 2

Callie's Cancer Part 2
Guest Blogger Contribution.
This post is Part 2 of Callie's Cancer blog that was posted on Monday, 22 August 2016. Please see it here. As a recap; our beloved 14-year-old feline friend and companion, Callie, began a health decline several years ago. As her health decline accelerated, we feared she was dying of cancer - as...
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Sean Carney
Ken,Thank you once again for updating us about your cat's cancer. If I did not know you, and your cat, I would have a difficult t... Read More
Wednesday, January 25 2017 17:37
Linda Carney MD
Oh this is such wonderful news about Callie's improvement. Thank you very much for sharing your thoughts and her photo with us. ... Read More
Wednesday, January 25 2017 19:56
Chris Dove
What type of vegan diet did you feed her? Was it a dry commercial food or was it home made?
Thursday, February 16 2017 12:44
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