Cancer Survival Strategies

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Linda Carney MD Hawaii Lecture on Estrogen Cancer Connection Linda Carney MD Hawaii Lecture on Estrogen Cancer Connection Photo by Sean Carney

Perhaps no audience is more attentive than those who have been impacted by cancer. Dr. Carney shares stategies for boosting the immune system and teaches which foods, and other lifestyle choices, have been shown to boost immunity and shrink cancers. She also teaches from scientific studies regarding which foods, and other lifestyle choices, have been shown to actually increase cancer growth.  Our hope is that people will be motivated to make lifestyle changes as they realize that many people have beaten cancer through lifestyle changes. Dr. Carney recommends cancer patients to work closely with their Physicians as they make dietary, and other lifestyle changes.

This lecture is often a real eye opener as the participants learn how much of their food choices have been influenced by marketing, much of which has been deceptive. Cancer is a very sensitive subject. Dr. Carney has been lecturing recently at the YMCA locally to participants in the LiveStrong program there and great care is taken in these lectures not to blame the cancer victim for their condition while at the same time offering realistic hope for healing. There are generally people who leave the lectures full of hope, with renewed conviction and ready to make lifestyle changes while others become angry at the idea that there are any lifestyle choices that could effect their cancer outcome.

The vast majority of people attending these lectures find the information extremely helpful. We also like for them to hear the lecture on Overcoming Addictions in order to really gain the strength and conviction needed to make helpful lifestyle changes.

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